Combination Lock Any Color

Combination Lock Any Color

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The LatchLink brings you the security of a combination lock with the convenience of a carabiner! Secure items with a personal 3 digit numeric code that only you know.

Attach your gear, secure items within a gym locker room, and keep other personal items safe while traveling.

How to Use or Reset The LatchLink Combination Lock

Use a pen or other item with a tip to fit into the locking mechanism. Push in the locking rod and hold. Turn the dials to desired numbers and release the locking rod. Note: It's set at 0-0-0 when you first get it.

It's made of durable hardened steel and is the perfect travel size to fit on a keyring, backpack or other luggage. It's much more lightweight and easier to use than a standard combination lock. 


- Secure Combination Lock/Carabiner
- Custom 3-Digit Numeric Code
- Attaches Easily to Backpacks, Gear Bags, and More
- Use at the Gym to Secure Your Locker
- Lightweight, Yet Durable Hardened Steel
- You Get 2 (Random Colors: Black, Blue, Red)
- Dimensions: 3in x 1.5in x .25in